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I am a professional photographer specializing in action photography, but I also feature photos from my trips in the United States and abroad. I use Nikon cameras and lenses.

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Dec 3rd: Pictures from Sholom Park in Ocala, taken on Dec 2nd, 2014.

Note to TC parents and students: The sports I attend, and number of games of each, are determined by sales (I am not paid by the school). Lack of sales means no pictures. As a consequence of last years' poor sales, Baseball, Basketball, Flag Football, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field and Wrestling will not be photographed this year. If you wish pictures from any of those sports, I would have to be sponsored for those games. If interested in doing so, please contact me via E-mail.

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Various dates in Nov and Dec: Additional Polo at Longwood and/or Oxford.
Jan or Feb 2015: Soccer Playoff games (if held at TC).
Feb 2015: Lacrosse at TC (exact dates to be set later). First home game listed is Friday, Feb 20th.

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Various dates from 2010 Photo Trip.

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The Trinity Catholic 2013-2014 sports pictures have been deleted. Please note: Photos deleted from this site are still archived on my computer. If you are looking for a photo from a previous year (2012-2013), please contact me via E-mail.

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Most photos on this site are available for sale. Note: The watermark WILL NOT appear on any prints or downloaded files. Also, make certain that you check the displayed cropping BEFORE you purchase. If you find a photo you would like to purchase, and the cropping will not work for you, please E-mail me at: qvphoto@aim.com, and let me know the photo # and the size you would like it in. I will upload a correctly sized photo into a gallery for you, so that you may purchase.

All photos in this site are Copyright William E Jones, and may only be used for personal use. No photos may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever. For commercial use of any photos, contact me at: qvphoto@aim.com.

If you ask me about a picture, be sure to include the COMPLETE ID #.

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